My Makeup Forever Experience

For those of you who don’t know, the globally recognized brand also owns a successful academy where they impart knowledge and techniques to the makeup moguls of the next generation.


These students, however, need a canvas to dabble on and so, through some lucky and unlikely connections, I was introduced to the receptionist of the Makeup Forever Academy.

As someone who has lent her face to numerous makeup artists and hair stylists in the past, you could say I am used to being prodded and poked around with sponges, brushes, curling irons and the like. In those days, I did it for money and was absolutely blessed to have had the opportunity to work with some of the best in Taipei. Now as a retired veteran, I decided to take this “job” purely for fun and out of curiosity.

The student who had picked me was a lovely Bangladeshi who lives in Thailand and was here, in Paris, for the five day course. This particular class was called “the Asian bride”; a natural glam look where the skin was supposed to be luminous and minimum coverage. That’s where many struggled because in the West, we tend to opt for a more full coverage foundation as opposed to the natural, glowy skin you get often in Korean makeup.


I sat there, my skin stinging from the hydrating primer while this lady reapplied the foundation a second time because the first time, it came out patchy. Luckily, the rest of the makeup went on smoothly with the eye look being my favourite. She finished it off with a dusting of glitter and voilà! We were done.

The instructor came round to do a final assessment and I was on my way back to the reception desk to pick out a makeup kit comprised of two products worth 50 euros in total. You pick from a list of five kits and as I needed brow products, I went for the brow gel with the brown liquid lip in 107!


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