Parisian Fashion & Beauty Trends

One of my favourite pastimes is people-watching and as a professional people-watcher, you notice things. Paris has made this sport even more convenient and easily accessible with its thousands of outdoor terraces. In fact, they are so dedicated to the idea of sitting outside that the cold can’t even stop them! The solution? Heaters, heaters, and more heaters. So I hereby present you with five Parisian fashion and beauty trends! (Please do not hesitate to correct me if I’m wrong.)

  1. Green Stan Smiths
    I don’t understand this trend but everyone else seems to. Let’s move on.
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  2. Red lipstick
    The red lip has become an emblem of Paris. I remember wearing red lipstick in London…stuck out like a sore thumb and made me feel VERY self-conscious it did but in Paris, you just blend in.
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  3. Less makeup is more makeup
    As mentioned above, the red lip may be symbolic for Parisian women but did I mention that its an EITHER OR situation? Either a smoky eye and a nude lip or a bold lip and bare eyes. You can’t have both because it’s all about looking NATURAL and EFFORTLESS.
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    (Christen Dominique Youtube)
  4. I-just-woke-up hair
    Again. It’s all about looking effortless. Great example is Caroline de Maigret.
    Image result for caroline de maigret haircut youngImage result for caroline de maigret haircut young
  5. Tights and trainers
    A common look I see is the green Stan Smiths, black tights with shorts, skirts or dresses. Not sure if this is exclusive to Paris but it’s present.
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  6. Multi-coloured trousers
    Something I’ve always admired about French men is their ability to pull off trousers of any colour.
    Related image
  7. The basic colour palette: white, black, grey, navy blue, beige
    But…the rule of thumb is to just stick with the basic colour palette! Simple, chic and stylish. I don’t see a lot of patterns and motifs so best to stay with plain colours as well!





To Dress Up Or To Dress Down, That Is The Question.

Interesting recent discovery: apparently, when the French say you look or dress really “American”, what they really mean is that you look vulgar. It’s the nicest thing they can say without saying, “Hey, you look vulgar.” Hello to the French way of being polite! Although, they could just leave the Americans out of it…
Twice, I’ve received this remark and both times I was wearing a dress/skirt that stopped 8cm above the knee with heels to match. Just as I would have back in Taipei, except ten times more conservative so as to try and fit in. Evidently, that didn’t work at all.
I know this is a controversial topic so correct me if I’m wrong but I have done some research and asked a few locals and well… I’m just trying to understand.

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Personally, a large part of going out is dressing up. Pre-game for girls is getting ready and doing each other’s make-up with a bottle of wine (or whatever alcoholic concoction of your choice). The other part is going out to town and taking in all the colourful, sometimes outrageous outfits of fellow party-goers. Then the rest of the night can commence in a flurry of social activity and more alcohol (wink*).

Paris…is a different ballgame. If you think that la ville de la mode will provide interesting eye candy to feast on when it’s time to venture out into the night and mingle, then you’re WRONG. If you want to see ridiculous outfits strutting down the cobbled streets of Paris, just wait for Fashion Week.
However, if you’re just going out, be prepared to look your most casual in jeans, a top and a pair of nice boots. Basically, what we’re going for here is “I tried but I didn’t try”. A casual chic vibe and sex hair with minimal (I REPEAT: MINIMAL) makeup always does the trick. The most you should ever put on your face is red lipstick. Can’t look more Parisian than that!

To be frank, I’ve toned it down immensely since arriving in Paris as I had previously lived in France for my exchange year so was already familiar with certain customs but it gets boring and every single time I’ve even attempted to dress slightly outside the norms, I’ve been met with judgmental stares and pursed lips which only leaves me feeling deeply constricted in terms of fashion choices.

All jokes aside, locals pointed out that dressing conservatively is also mainly for safety concerns which I can understand. You meet all sorts of hooligans who whistle and cat-call at women on the streets, even men who follow you from the metro station right to your doorstep!

Alors! In conclusion, when in Rome (Paris), do as the Romans (Parisians) do! You might learn some new things and while Paris does not always permit change, Parisians definitely do dress well! The men can pull off trousers of any colour, the women always emanate a natural beauty and everyone is always very put together. What are your thoughts?

$1 Make-Up from SHOP MISS A


Prior to spending money on the website, I did A LOT of research by reading and watching various reviews. I learnt to avoid any “skin products” such as foundation, concealer and also tailored my order to my needs so I ended up getting all this:


  • Metallic Cosmetic Pouch – Gold
  • AOA Perfect Setting Powder – Soft Light
  • AOA Diamond Lipgloss – Glitz
  • AOA Diamond Lipgloss – Posh
  • Pumice Stone – White
  • Princessa Tru Fusion Blush – 3 Hot Pink
  • Kleancolour Retractable Waterproof Lipliner – Hot Red
  • AOA Studio Lashes – Luella
  • AOA Studio Lashes – Rose

Each item was $1 and the shipping was roughly $1 as well, but the shipping ended up being more expensive than the item. In total, I paid about $18/16,37 euros which is still INCREDIBLY affordable. The items arrived in about 7-10 business days, as promised and was nicely bubble wrapped and packaged!

The cosmetic pouch and pumice stone were just some things I needed and are both excellent quality basics. The lashes look promising as does the lipliner but we’ll be trying those next time. Today, my main focus was the setting powder, the blush and the lipglosses. So let’s get into detail!


AOA Perfect Setting Powder – Soft Light

I’ll be completely frank, I’ve never used many loose setting powders in my lifetime but I know how a good powder leaves your skin feeling (and looking!) so my opinion is that the AOA Setting Powder is BOMB! The finish is so smooth, the powder is fine and my only concern is that touching up when out will be a bit difficult, as with all loose powders.

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Princessa Tru Fusion Blush – 3 Hot Pink

Immediately with this matte blush, you notice that the packaging is $1. It is the cheapest, flimsiest packaging I’ve ever laid eyes on and it really is such a pity because the actual product itself is fantastic! It was EXACTLY the shade I wanted and was very pigmented. I’ve been wanting a coral blush recently and decided to add this one to the basket as all the other ones I had in my wishlist were sold out. Speaking of which, is it common to have products constantly sold out on Shop Miss A? They don’t restock that quickly either…

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AOA Diamond Lipgloss – Glitz & Posh

What can I say…Where do I start? These lipglosses are an AOA HOLY GRAIL! They’re comfortable, not sticky yet SO GLITTERY and they just look divine on the lips! I personally would pay more than a dollar for these glosses and definitely will be getting more from the Diamond Lipgloss collection. There isn’t a significant difference between Glitz and Posh but I prefer Posh on it’s own as it is a more pigmented pinky coral colour as opposed to wearing just Glitz on my bare lips. Glitz would be more of a lipstick topper lipgloss for me…for example, if you wanted to brighten up a red lip.



All in all, I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the quality of these $1 products! I’m sure I’ll enjoy the lashes just as much and am hoping the lipliner will stop my red Son&Park lip crayon and lip cube from bleeding.
One thing I did notice is that AOA products seem to be of much higher and more reliable quality in terms of packaging, the product itself etc. than those of other brands. Frankly, the packaging on the Princessa blush is so cringeworthy, I wonder if I’d ever be able to take it out in public…The only solution is to repot the blush! So, if possible, I will probably be buying more from AOA than from the other brands on Shop Miss A.
I will also be letting you know if I get an allergic reaction from any of these products but so far so good! Also, a good thing to know is that AOA Beauty Inc. and other brands on Shop Miss A have been certified by PETA as cruelty free!

Shop Miss A:


Korean Cosmetics: SON & PARK Part II

A little while ago, I wrote about their Skin Fit Foundation, their Gel Bonding Eyebrow (brow gel) and their lip crayons which were all just FANTASTIC products and generally worked beautifully. A little update, however, regarding the lip crayons: the darker shades, notably Flash Red and Wicked Burgundy tend to bleed so using a lip pencil is strongly advised.


The same goes for the Son & Park lip cubes. The darker shades are absolutely gorgeous, especially Rubian Red which is an attention-screaming, heart-stopping fire engine red. Berry Rose is a lovely shade that compliments the Wicked Burgundy lip crayon. Unfortunately, Love Sick was a indeed sickly shade of pastel pink and looked terrible in real life while Nude Veil was just the perfect, every day gloss but gave me a horrific allergic reaction. Very strange as I have never gotten an allergic reaction to … anything. All in all, my experience with the lip cubes were 3/5 and I will be giving the two lighter shades away.

As for the Air Chou Foundation in shade 23, the colour match is perfect but as it is an Asian make up brand, you don’t get a wide range of shades. The texture is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, however, a little goes a long way so be sure to take heed of their advice! I didn’t on the second day and the foundation definitely needed a little setting at the end of the afternoon as it had gotten cakey.

Otherwise, I am so in love with it! Definitely more full coverage than their Skin Fit Foundation which is more of a light, healthy summer foundation that gives off more of a glow whereas the Air Chou Foundation has a matte finish and even managed to cover the redness of some spots.

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In conclusion, I’d say: Forget about the lip cubes, get the lip crayons as well as the brow gel! Don’t sleep on the foundations either because after all, the Koreans are best known for their amazing skin products!

Testing Out Korean Make-up: Son & Park


The bag of Korean products that I’d purchased two months ago had been sitting underneath my bed for God knows how long.

So I took them out and had a little fun today!

Son & Park is a Korean brand created by two celebrity make-up artists. They’re best known for their Beauty Water which is a major best-seller in Asia as the product is incredibly versatile and effective but today, I’m testing out the Skin Fit Foundation in shade 23 Natural, the Gel Bonding Eyebrow and the Lip Crayons.

Let’s start with base. This Skin Fit Foundation falls right in trend with the dewy no make-up make-up look that is so popular in Korea (and most of Asia) right now. It feels light and effortless, but still manages to even out my skin tone. This is due to the green, colour-correcting core that cancels out redness. The built-in brush is convenient, though a little stiff. While blending, I seriously wondered if it was applying evenly but that may be just in my head because the finish was flawless!

skin fit foundation

Moving onto brows, I must say this product blew my mind. The Gel Bonding Eyebrow is, as its name suggests, a gel brow product but is quick-drying like I’ve never seen before! You have to be nimble or the gel will end up in uneven patches but switch over to the spoolie side and just brush off the excess! Unlike a powder product, it doesn’t remove easily which is great news for me. I sometimes rub off parts of my brow by accident and that’s not a cute look, especially when you don’t have your brow pencil in your bag for moments like these.

Last but not least are the Lip Crayons which were probably the most fun to play with! Naked Coral reminds me of Kinda Sexy by MAC, just with more of a shine instead of a matte texture. It’s a whole lot more hydrating as well!
Dry Flower is a strange name but the shade is gorgeous so I suppose that makes up for it! It’s what they call a “your lips but better” shade. It is also worth mentioning that Dry Flower is an awarding winning shade and a bestseller!
Your Son & Park fire engine red comes in the Lip Crayon Flash Red that pops so much more in real life than on pictures. It doesn’t translate well on photos sadly. Finally, we have a vampy brown berry shade in the form of Wicked Burgundy. The last three are all quite matte but so hydrating and light, you don’t feel the lipstick at all!

lip crayons

The Verdict

Son & Park might be a little up there price-wise when compared to drugstore brands but the quality you get for what you pay is incomparable. The packaging is simple but sleek and the products are innovative and easy to use. The downside is that their products are not readily available everywhere yet as Son & Park is an upcoming brand.

Son & Park Official Website:
Son & Park Instagram:




Love Diamond Heated Eyelash Curler

If you have hard-to-curl, stick straight lashes, you’ve come to the right place. For most of us Asian ladies whose lashes are naturally softer, shorter and grow towards the earth, naturally curly lashes are the ultimate dream. So to make up for it, we stick fake pieces of hair to our eyelids which is why falsies and lash extensions are so popular in Asia, if you’ve ever wondered.

Luckily, I’ve been blessed with long lashes but I don’t have much of them so using an eyelash curler is painful for me because once in a while, you’ll find a lash hanging onto the torture device for dear life. Perhaps it’s just me but I seem to lose lashes more often than not when I use a traditional eyelash curler so at one point, I decided that that was no longer an option.

In my quest for curly lashes, I discovered lash lifts. These look amazing for the first few weeks until the fourth or fifth. New lashes then grow out stick straight again so you have an array of curly/non-curly lashes. It just looks messy, even more so with mascara on. Another downside of the lash lift is that it costs NTD500 (approximately USD16) each time. Yes, it might be cheaper than what salons in other cities are asking for but it is still expensive when you add it up and it’s time consuming to visit your salon on a regular basis.

So I decided to DIY. My plan was to go and buy myself a lash lift set but Amazon didn’t ship that particular product to Taiwan. I then went out to Taipei Main Station where the back alleys are fringed with beauty shops. You can get EVERYTHING at these shops: gel nail polish, blackhead extractors, conditioners, makeup cases and whatnot. Everything except lash lift kits. I was later told that the Taiwanese government had banned the practice of lash lifts as the chemicals were proven to be cancerous. Many of these perming chemicals were made in China, so no surprise there.

“Maybe you could try using a heated eyelash curler?” the clerk said.

In my early modeling days, stylists would often carry one so I knew what she was talking about. After a bit of Googling and some very persuasive before and after pictures, I decided that it was worth a shot. So this is how I bought my very first heated eyelash curler!


The product was designed by a famous Taiwanese make up artist and is called Love Diamond. It had received so much praise online that I knew I couldn’t go wrong if I purchased this one. I ordered mine on Yahoo (at this link), which is a very popular platform for online shopping in Taiwan. It was NTD950 (USD31) plus an extra NTD60 (USD2) to get it shipped to the nearest 7-11 convenient store near me. Two days later, it arrived and voila!

PACKAGING: Girly metallic pink with a silver lid and comes with its own pouch. An instruction manual/guarantee booklet is provided in Japanese and Traditional Chinese.



  • Heats up quickly
  • Can be plugged in unlike other heated eyelash curlers that are battery fueled. However, it does come with a battery version cover.
  • Does not burn the skin

CONS: None. Absolutely none that I can think of except the name perhaps…Love Diamond has nothing to do with what the product does but then again, not all Taiwanese are fluent English speakers and the name doesn’t affect the performance at all.


  1. Plug in the device.
  2. Slide the silver button upwards.
  3. The reverse side of the curler is usually RED and will then turn YELLOW when it is heated and ready to use!
  4. Set curler against lashes for 10-15 seconds and move in a slow, upwards direction
  5. Apply mascara.


As you can see from this picture, there are NO apparent lashes. The only makeup I have is on my brows. My natural lashes are stick straight and point down at a 45 degree angle. You wouldn’t be able to see my lashes even if I had applied mascara.



No explanation needed. The photos speak for themselves! Of course, mascara was applied for the full effect.