Mucha – King of Art Nouveau


One summer at the age of 16, I fell in love with the delicate lines and romanticism of Alphonse Mucha’s works. It was the summer I volunteered at the National Palace Museum and this was their temporary exhibition.

Imagine my contentment when I saw the first few posters for the Mucha expo at Musée du Luxembourg popping up all over Paris! Imagine my excitement when I was offered the tickets!

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Alphonse Mucha was a Czech painter and lived in Paris during the Art Nouveau era. He rose to fame with his first ever poster of Sarah Bernhardt (a famous Parisian actress/comedian) and later became known as “the greatest decorative artist in the world”. From posters, he extended his talents to designing covers of menus, biscuit boxes, even jewellery and the interior of a jewellery shop!

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In 1894, Mucha would meet the Swedish author August Swindberg who was deeply interested in the occult and mysticism. This led Mucha to join the Freemasons which advocated “the improvement of humanity”. He would then give up his signature style, the Mucha style, to create art driven by a social and philosophical vision of unity.


Sadly, the Mucha style is my personal favourite. I much prefer the gaiety of the colours and figures in his posters to the sombre depictions of suffering shown in his later works. It is also the Mucha style that drove him to fame and fortune. All the same, I do admire the man for believing in something more than the superficiality of mankind.


Unfortunately, as a well-known figure and a Freemason, Mucha was one of the first to be arrested by the Gestapo during World War II and died 10 days after his 79th birthday…

Regardless, the beauty and grace of Mucha’s art lives on and is much appreciated by fans such as myself.

Angelina Café next to Musée du Luxembourg
melted cake
Cake designed for the Mucha expo – sadly, it didn’t last under the heat!

For more information on the exhibition at Musée du Luxembourg, feel free to visit their website. However, I have included some useful information below.

Dates: 12 September 2018 – 27 January 2019

Opening times: Everyday from 10:30 – 19:00 (until 22:00 every Friday)
The museum will also be open for extra night shifts every Monday from the 12th of November until the 17th of December.
The museum will be open ’til 18:00 on the 24th and 31st of December and will be closed on Christmas (25th December).

Tickets: 13 euros full price



Falling in Love with a Covert Narcissist

Narcissism is a word that is very lightly used in our generation. It’s a word that has seen more popularity with the rise of Instagram but what does it really mean?

When we think of narcissism, we think of someone who is overly confident, pompous and vain. Somebody who is visibly arrogant and announces their achievements through a loudspeaker but what about the covert narcissist? The wolf that hides in sheeps’ clothing? We’re going to explore that topic today.

Something we may not know about narcissism is that this is a personality trait; not a mental disorder. The coverts are as pompous, selfish and arrogant as the overts; they are just the sophisticated version because they engage in tactics so subtle, they leave you confused, unsure and even insecure when you never used to be. Maybe you ARE overthinking it? Maybe you ARE overly sensitive as they say?

Covert narcissists are made and have been conditioned since childhood by a parent who could have been narcissistic. This parent could have exhibited such a sense of entitlement that the child grew up believing that he/she should receive special treatment all the time. I personally believe that the culprit is usually the overprotective mother who smothers their child. When you put a child on such a pedestal, under such a spotlight, they grow up believing they are unique and special; destined for greatness.

Read: How A Parents’ Narcissistic Personality Disorder Affects Their Child

When this doesn’t happen – and it usually doesn’t, because despite the tiny quirks that make us who we are, we are actually pretty much the same at the end of the day – the child who is now an adult and hasn’t achieved anything he/she considers to be BRILLIANT and EXCEPTIONAL now feels empty. At first we might mistake this for depression but it isn’t.


…is emotionally exhausting especially if you are empathetic which may be the reason why you attract narcissists. You are constantly doubting yourself. Maybe YOU are the problem because apparently it’s ALWAYS your fault, never theirs. Unlike overt narcissists, coverts are able to apologise for their mistakes but their apologies often start with, “I’m sorry IF…”.
“I’m sorry IF I hurt your feelings but YOU made me so angry.”
That good, old classic.
However, before reaching this stage, there is often a long bout of passive aggressive silence that drives you crazy because you care. They pull away because they know it hurts you. Like those subtle digs specifically designed to get a reaction out of you (we’ll touch on that more in the following paragraph).
The drama eventually subsides and you both agree to change in order to improve your relationship. And they do change. For a while. Before they revert back to their old ways except with each fight, they get nastier and display more overtly narcissistic behaviour like treating you with contempt and calling you names.
“You’re so annoying. Can you just stop following me around like a little dog?”

So why do they go through the motions if they have no intention of changing?
1. Maybe they really wanted to in that moment but narcissists rarely can change. It is psychologically ingrained into their minds to be selfish and egoistic which usually make them successful in their careers and their finances. You might hear a successful narcissist say,
“If I have to choose between you and a job somewhere in another country, I’d go for the job. Just letting you know.”
2. These charming individuals do it to give you false hope because they want to keep you interested. The truth is: THEY NEED YOU. They need someone to control and manipulate in order to boost their own ego and you keep falling for it!

What else do you fall for? Those little digs they subtly weave into their conversation because they know exactly what you’re insecure about.
“Let me show you this girl on Instagram with this BANGING body!”
For example, they might give you their ex’s shirt and will call you crazy for reacting negatively but might quietly say afterwards, “I just wanted to see your reaction.”
And that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re looking to see if you care because that’s a huge ego booster. The more you care, the more powerful they feel.
They compare a lot, too.
“Why can’t you just be chill like her?”
“Well, she just arrived in the city and she has everything organised.”
They’re so good at this that they don’t even have to raise their voice and that is what makes them significantly more threatening than your garden variety overt narcissist.

But wait! They’re not all that bad! You’ve often heard them praise you in front of others! Well, surprise, surprise, it’s more about how they look. They care how others view them so in public, your relationship is deceivingly picture perfect.
What you need to understand is that their possessions are an extension of themselves and these possessions need to look good…INCLUDING YOU!
If you tend to have a rather self-deprecating sense of humour, they’ll call you out on that because it’s weak and God forbid that word is ever associated with them.
Since they actually care about what others think – remember, narcissists are narcissists because they actually have very low self-esteem, making them possessive and jealous – they tend to come across humble and caring to those who don’t know them well.
You end up thinking, “If only they could see that other side of you I have seen…” that’s when you know you’ve gotten yourself in deep shit.
Moreover, unlike overts, coverts tend to have longer relationships and maybe they DO love the person they’re with but they are so lacking in empathy that it is literally impossible for them to put themselves in your shoes. They cannot feel what you feel and sadly, that will never change.

Just run for the exit.

Interesting read: 23 Signs You’re Secretly A Narcissist Masquerading As A Sensitive Introvert



You can tell she was pretty once upon a time.

But every year, the party animals get younger and she watches them come and go.

Her friends gradually move out of the clubs and bars into families of their own…

But she is still here…doing what she does best.

She surrounds herself with young girls as camouflage, desperately trying to blend in and forget her insecurities.

She preys on fresh meat; they are enchanted by their own prowess for a fleeting moment before the magic wears off and their ambition kicks in.

They leave her in search of their ‘calling’ and eventually end up with a sweet, young thing like a Demi-Ashton-Mila situation.

Her looks fade with each late night, each line of white fairy dust, and each hangover.

But she is still there…hanging on to what’s left of her youth by threads.

Now a permanent fixture of the city’s nightlife.



I haven’t been very active on my blog recently but I was feeling particularly inspired today by a comment on a friend’s Facebook post.


The Parisian Dream: Realistic?


Where does your mind wander off to when you hear the words ‘Paris’ or ‘France’? Does it conjure up images of endless pavements filled with sprawling terraces, the melodic chitchat of French and romantic fumes of cigarette smoke on a lazy summer’s day? Does your mind drift off into the streets of Montmartre while Edith Piaf’s ‘La Vie en Rose’ plays in the background? Or do you smell freshly baked baguettes instead?

If so, you’re not too far off but you’re not seeing the full picture either. More often than not, tourists and first-timers are shown the shiny side of town. Eiffel Tower, Galeries Lafayettes, Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre, La Seine, Champs Elysées et tous les incontournables! And do you know what? That’s okay because it is part of what makes up the true essence of Paris.

What’s not okay is thinking that that’s all there is to this city. What about Chinatown aka the 13th arrondissement? The slums around Paris? The colourful graffiti and the kebab restaurants that can be spotted here and there but especially around Gare du Nord where you can also find a colourful array of foreign cuisine? All the places that tour groups avoid because they’re not always pretty?

Perhaps it’s just where I used to live, but people often seem to have a rather distorted image of what a Parisian lifestyle truly entails. They seem to think that life in Paris is the epitome of glamour but little do they know…you have French bureaucracy (which is your worst nightmare and that’s putting it lightly), you have some interesting people to put up with, not speaking French will render even the simplest tasks impossible or highly complicated and the transportation is a mess.


You have delicious bread. A friend of mine once said, “If it’s not made in France, it’s not a baguette.” I thought it was just arrogance….until now, and while I’m on the topic of food, what about the countless gastronomic restaurants that make this city a chef’s dream? The museums and exhibitions are top notch and there is ALWAYS one happening somewhere. Summertime is when you sit along the Seine and share a bottle of crisp rosé with friends, laughing about life. The architecture is gorgeous and the shopping is great!

I guess what I’m trying to say, and this goes for everything in life, is that one should never neglect the other side of the coin. Falling in love with anything or anyone requires you to accept the flaws just as much as you accepted the beautiful and the positive!

Christian Dior Exhibition, Paris

I’d known about this exhibition since I came to Paris for vacation back in July but just never had the chance to do it until four months later! Crazy to think that so much has occurred in this short space of time…I moved to a new country, found myself a new job, a new apartment and cut ties with people who were just bringing in negative energy…So finally, I had some time to take a turn in the Museum of Decorative Arts!

dior entrance

It was a Wednesday afternoon, roughly an hour before closing so there was no line. The staff recommend a minimum of two hours to fully enjoy the exhibition but I’d say an hour is sufficient; 1.5-2 hours if you really want to linger on the details with a friend. I paid only 8 euros for my ticket as I am under 26. Full price is 11 euros but you save 90 cents if you purchase online. If you are lazy, like I am, I wouldn’t bother. However, they sometimes do let people with tickets in first.

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All I can say is that it is pure magic. From the first step you take into this exhibition, you are swept away into this world of dreams. You are under the spell of Dior and it reminded me why I wanted to work in the luxury industry in the first place. The core of it all was never the status or the money; it was always about the passion that they put into their art and the freedom of self-expression. The byproduct of an educated society climbing to the top of Maslow’s pyramid towards self-actualization.

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The flow of the exhibition itself was smooth and logical. We started at the beginning, as we always do, with the man himself. Christian Dior’s life story, the difficulties he had suffered, how he got into fashion illustration, how the maison came to be, the success he experienced, his sudden death and his successors who followed. As I have always been fascinated with the occult and the supernatural, one thing really stood out to me and that was a prediction a palm reader had made for Christian Dior.

“You will be penniless, but women will be good to you, and it is thanks to them that you will succeed.”

Women still are good to Christian Dior today, purchasing iconic Lady Dior handbags and Miss Dior perfumes.

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Personally, Dior will always be a part of that ’50s glamour when women were sexy without trying too hard or showing too much. What also makes Dior so distinguishable, for me, is that waistline. Whether it be a dress, a suit or even a coat, Dior always found a way to show off and accentuate the curves of the feminine figure.


For anyone who wants to go to the exhibition, do not consider the photos to be spoilers. It is worth the visit!



剛抵達法國的親朋好友,請別太興奮因為接下來的幾個禮拜會很困難。其實在巴黎找工作會比在巴黎租房子還要來的簡單! 很詭異吧? 但下次分享文章再來解釋為何如此。

本人先分享自己找工作的經驗,順便抱怨一下因為過去這幾個禮拜實在有夠頭昏腦脹的。由於本身之前在法國珠寶品牌實習、未來也想念奢侈品管理(International Luxury Management)所以決定還是留在這行,對以後申請碩士也較有益。最容易的方式就是找精品銷售員之類的工作。於是在我度假最後一個禮拜的其中一天,我拿了一疊法文履歷去老佛爺發了一整個下午。

辦完簽證回巴黎之後再聯絡了幾家去老佛爺發履歷當天認識的公司、透過面試之後,在抵達法國的第四天就找到了工作! 看到這應該會覺得怎麼有那麼好的事情? 上帝也是這樣認為,於是在收到通知整整一個禮拜之後才發現原來我品牌雇用的外聘公司(Modelor)不願意雇用我。

他們的原因? 因為我沒有carte vitale (健保卡)

但我在此非常明確的說明一次: 持有打工度假的朋友不...carte vitale


由於持有打工度假的人通常從沒在法國工作過所以不可能有sécurité sociale的號碼。這是公司必須為員工向政府報公(DPAE – déclaration préalable de l’embauche),進行immatriculation之後才會有屬於自己的一組sécurité sociale號碼。不然第二個方式就是公司報工完畢,給你一份工作約(contrat de travail), 你拿著這份工作約去申請carte vitale

另外,報公是每個公司必須為員工進行的程序。這家外聘公司不知道從哪編出一些歪理說因為他不是我的直接雇主所以無法幫我報公? 明明其他家外聘公司都跟我確認再確認是可行的?

depech'mode (2)_LI

結論: 簡單來說,就是modelor不願意花那個時間來準備這些麻煩的文件。害原本很開心、已經在找公寓的我要重新再找一份工作因為無倫如何講、如何解釋,他們就是裝傻、態度又差! 或許他們完全不了解打工度假簽證但也不願意查資料、了解狀況。當人家是過來玩的,也不知道其實我們是費了許多心思也做了非常多的準備!

法國打工度假簽證 French Working Holiday Visa

France currently has working holiday agreements with the following countries:

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Russia (4 months) and Taiwan

If your country has been listed above and you are:

  • Between the age of 18-30
  • Are motivated by the opportunity to travel and discover France while possibly taking up paid employment
  • Have never participated in this programme previously

Then congratulations! You could qualify for the French working holiday visa. However, this particular post will be dedicated to my fellow Taiwanese countrymen/women so I shall proceed in Mandarin.

寫這篇文章的主要動機為協助想赴法打工度假的朋友們。由於本人簽證已審核通過,我認為自己應該是有資格給各位一些tips and tricks並且分享自己的經驗! 這樣或許可以讓大家放心也可以讓整個程序輕鬆點。


上個月去法國度假五個禮拜時,開始很認真地思考未來方向。我未來想要的生活品質是什麼? 如何達到? 14歲來台學中文,原本只待一年結果待了將近十年。大學畢業後決定要出去看看。原本考慮過香港、倫敦或者回南非但是19歲去法國交換之後,這國家給我留下了好印象而且法文也學了一半。最後下定決心一定要把這語言學好,我的目標是法文要跟中文一樣好。


在法國度假的第三個禮拜有朋友跟我說, “你可以試試看申請打工度假簽證來法國。

我抬起頭看了他。我應該是一副很困惑的樣子因為他又說, “我朋友就是申請這個,他現在在巴黎工作。


visa docs (2)

法國在臺協會的網站寫得一清二楚還附上了所需文件表格所以我在這裡只會針對一些較麻煩的幾個文件做說明因為其他文件像是長期簽證申請表或動機和計畫書都蠻容易理解的。但是要請大家好好地把在台協會所提供的資料看兩遍! 因為去繳件當天,我因為忘了帶護照影本就被櫃台小姐叮嚀。

  1. 財力證明: 帳號需要有至少2100歐元。這個可以去郵局申請但是要記得他只能幫你印出前天的餘額所以若是有需要移動大筆資金至少要等一兩天後再去申請。每份20元,第二份起每增加一份就是10元。
  2. 健康檢查證明: 原本我是去臺北市立聯合醫院仁愛院區但服務人員態度滿差。說要做健檢請醫生開證明,他硬是要我做非常徹底又完整的檢查 (包含抽血等等) 才會有醫生願意幫我開證明。如果真的要這樣也沒關係但又要等一個禮拜於是我決定換到國泰醫院。國泰醫院服務態度不但親切,當天就拿到健康證明。醫生很樂意的使用了我找到的版本幫我寫了一份,在這裡給大家當參考!medical certificate.png
  3. 無犯罪紀錄證明: 又稱良民證,每份100元。記得要帶身分證及護照正本去申請。若是住台北的大概只有這裡可以申請良民證: 台北市政府警察局外事科 台北市中正區延平南路96 (02)23817494 但是暑假人特別多!
  4. 保險證明: 我覺得讓大駕非常混淆的關鍵字就是在台協會網站上生育這兩個字。其實大部分台灣保險公司都不會特別包含生育這部分,大概只有在台協會所提供的保險公司名單上的那幾家才會有但是都比較貴。最後我還是先申請了富邦銀行的十全大補 計畫A (2,360台幣) 在加 海外防護加值 (1,074台幣) 而我的簽證一樣通過了所以建議大家可以不要太過於擔心生育是否有包含在內。insurance (2)insurance1 (2)
  5. 來回交通票: 這個可以去旅行社請他們幫你印行程表就好也不用付任何的錢。我的去程是已經先訂好了並且繳了費用再去旅行社請他們印回程行程表給我。

以上就是比較麻煩的幾個文件的說明! 希望有協助到各位! 若是有任何的疑問可以傳訊息給我或者留言! 祝大家申請簽證順利


For more information, watch my YOUTUBE video!