You can tell she was pretty once upon a time.

But every year, the party animals get younger and she watches them come and go.

Her friends gradually move out of the clubs and bars into families of their own…

But she is still here…doing what she does best.

She surrounds herself with young girls as camouflage, desperately trying to blend in and forget her insecurities.

She preys on fresh meat; they are enchanted by their own prowess for a fleeting moment before the magic wears off and their ambition kicks in.

They leave her in search of their ‘calling’ and eventually end up with a sweet, young thing like a Demi-Ashton-Mila situation.

Her looks fade with each late night, each line of white fairy dust, and each hangover.

But she is still there…hanging on to what’s left of her youth by threads.

Now a permanent fixture of the city’s nightlife.



I haven’t been very active on my blog recently but I was feeling particularly inspired today by a comment on a friend’s Facebook post.