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One of the things that I missed the most while in Paris was good, affordable, fresh sushi. Unfortunately, you have one of three options: 1) pseudo-Japanese restaurants 2) chain store sushi places and 3) super expensive Japanese owned sushi restaurants that will easily cost you over 100 euros for two.
Luckily, France is well-known for some of the world’s best seafood so I was able to quench my cravings at places like Bar à iode.

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However, nothing beats Taipei’s Fish Market in terms of affordability and taste. As a veteran, I have tried all four restaurants and feel sufficiently informed to give an opinion.
Legend has it that they were going to demolish the building when it was bought and turned into the seafood paradise we have now; a bit like La Felicità in Paris. The entire space has been divided into the Supermarket, the Sushi Bar, the Seafood Bar, the Charcoal Grilled, the Hot Pot and Trésors de la Mer.

Now, there are a few ways you could go about eating your seafood. You could simply grab a couple goodies from the supermarket where they provide everything from miso soup, salmon rice, mentaiko grilled salmon, nigiri, sashimi and grilled meats – which is what I did today as I was short on time – or you could sit yourself down at one of the many restaurants in the Fish Market, except for the Seafood and Sushi Bar where they were going for more of a standing sushi bar/sushi on the go concept.

oyster bar

Trésors de la Mer has got to be my favourite as they do everything from seafood platters to hot pot. It is a three floor restaurant on the far end of the Fish Market that overlooks the Charcoal Grilled. The Charcoal Grilled comes in at a close second because having a mini barbecue on your table in an open space amidst all the fairy lights with a huge screen showing old, black and white movies makes for a beautiful summer moment and scores high on the originality scale but lacks the appeal of raw seafood. The Hot Pot rates even lower on my list because hot pot places in Taipei are as numerous as the stars in the sky. However, it needs to be said that both the Hot Pot and the Charcoal Grilled provide quality ingredients and excellent service.

Regardless of whether you end up munching on a skewer stick or swallowing French imported Gillardeau oysters whole, a trip to Taipei is not complete without visiting its Fish Market.

Aquatic Addiction Development 三井 上引水產
Address: No. 18, Alley 2, Lane 410, Minzu East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
Official Website:


Recommended by CNN – Smoothie House


This is SO three years ago and I know I’m late to the party but adverts for the best shaved ice in Taipei are still up in Dongmen MRT station. They stretch for metres along the escalators and they all say one thing, “Recommended by CNN“. Smoothie House is also referred to by locals as “the famous shaved ice place” and rightly so as it was packed with tourists and the staff are trained to speak English.

smoothie house

Taiwan has always been the stuff of tropical fruit dreams so it wasn’t a surprise that their Super Mango Snowflake Ice is highly recommended. We took one of those and a Yoghurt Berry Snowflake Ice, both around 220NTD.

Smoothie House definitely lives up to expectations with flavours that are natural and fruits that are freshly bought from local farms. You don’t feel an overload of sugar when you finish the bowl but sharing is advised as portions are quite large. Shaved ice is a must for anyone visiting Taiwan!

Address: No.15, Yongkang St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10650, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Telephone: +886-2-2341-6161
Opening hours: AM 9:30 ~ PM 11:00

The Epitome of Instagram-worthy: Drunk Café

drunk cafe

After a meticulous search across the worldwide web, Wendy came up with this gorgeous location. My phone vibrated continuously as the pictures came in; it looked perfect!
“Wonderful! See you on Sunday!!” I typed back.


Sunday night and I was the first to arrive. The café was gorgeous with its fairy lights hanging from the black ceiling like a thousand stars, throw pillows adorning every sofa and armchair. The feathered ceiling lamps were like something from an interior design magazine and the whole effect was completed with neon signs.


I was rather surprised that the place seemed much smaller than in the pictures but it turned out that half the café was closed due to renovations…

The food is standard with prices that are quite affordable (NT$320 for the spaghetti, NT$200 for a glass of white wine) but I’m sure the majority of clients come back mainly for the decor and perhaps the cocktails on their lengthy and impressive list but I have yet to try those.

All in all, it is the perfect place to catch up with the girls over a drink and to take a few (or a couple) Instagram photos. Wink*
Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend Drunk Café for dinner as the tables are quite low which makes it impractical for eating but mainly because it really is more of a beverages and snacks establishment than a proper, full-on restaurant.

Regardless, it is definitely worth a visit.


Drunk Café
Address: No. 9, Lane 116, Guangfu South Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
Telephone: 02 2731 8787



剛抵達法國的親朋好友,請別太興奮因為接下來的幾個禮拜會很困難。其實在巴黎找工作會比在巴黎租房子還要來的簡單! 很詭異吧? 但下次分享文章再來解釋為何如此。

本人先分享自己找工作的經驗,順便抱怨一下因為過去這幾個禮拜實在有夠頭昏腦脹的。由於本身之前在法國珠寶品牌實習、未來也想念奢侈品管理(International Luxury Management)所以決定還是留在這行,對以後申請碩士也較有益。最容易的方式就是找精品銷售員之類的工作。於是在我度假最後一個禮拜的其中一天,我拿了一疊法文履歷去老佛爺發了一整個下午。

辦完簽證回巴黎之後再聯絡了幾家去老佛爺發履歷當天認識的公司、透過面試之後,在抵達法國的第四天就找到了工作! 看到這應該會覺得怎麼有那麼好的事情? 上帝也是這樣認為,於是在收到通知整整一個禮拜之後才發現原來我品牌雇用的外聘公司(Modelor)不願意雇用我。

他們的原因? 因為我沒有carte vitale (健保卡)

但我在此非常明確的說明一次: 持有打工度假的朋友不...carte vitale


由於持有打工度假的人通常從沒在法國工作過所以不可能有sécurité sociale的號碼。這是公司必須為員工向政府報公(DPAE – déclaration préalable de l’embauche),進行immatriculation之後才會有屬於自己的一組sécurité sociale號碼。不然第二個方式就是公司報工完畢,給你一份工作約(contrat de travail), 你拿著這份工作約去申請carte vitale

另外,報公是每個公司必須為員工進行的程序。這家外聘公司不知道從哪編出一些歪理說因為他不是我的直接雇主所以無法幫我報公? 明明其他家外聘公司都跟我確認再確認是可行的?

depech'mode (2)_LI

結論: 簡單來說,就是modelor不願意花那個時間來準備這些麻煩的文件。害原本很開心、已經在找公寓的我要重新再找一份工作因為無倫如何講、如何解釋,他們就是裝傻、態度又差! 或許他們完全不了解打工度假簽證但也不願意查資料、了解狀況。當人家是過來玩的,也不知道其實我們是費了許多心思也做了非常多的準備!